Terrible Blogger

I have been terrible about keeping up with my blog.  I haven’t gotten on to make a list sinch March.  So much has happened and is in the works to happen.  I won’t bore you with the minor stuff..   Who am I kidding…. Here’s a snapshot

Joel graduated his apprenticeship program after 5 years.  James got lost on a river during a boyscout canoe camp out.  He was smart enough to find help in the woods and get to a safe place.  He later volunteered at Gettysburg painting fences and later that summer went to Japan and China.  On the topic of travel, we have been able to squeeze in 2 trips to my parents in PA and 1 to NY.  Joel and I found a way to attend a wedding in NJ childless… It was amazing.  If the stars align like that more often I may try that adventure again.

James had started high school and plays football. (soupball as Laila calls it).  I’m proud he is in all honors but these hours are killing me.  I’m obligated to bake 100 cookies per game because James promised them for me.  Laila and Archer love going to the games.  Go Titans!!!! We never miss a game, no matter what.  Life is fun, football is serious.

Archer got his first tooth, Laila talks up a storm and life is grand. Fall has officially begun so I’ll be decorating this weekend as well as going to The Great Frederick Fair.  Next weekend we are hosting exchange students from Denmark and hopefully going to Butlers Orchard.  The weekend After is our family portrait session and after that… Well that’s a surprise.

I will say we’ve done pretty good trying to keep up with family.  We spent a few weekends with my brother in law and his kids and were lucky enough to meet our future sister in law (maybe… Possibly..  If it works out).  I haven’t gotten a ridiculous amount of time with my sister in law but we did pretty good this summer and fall is when we really start getting together with all the festivals and the picking of things and our love for pumpkin stuff.  I will say I have neglected our friends but that should fix it’s self soon.  The beginning of school is always a rocky time for everyone.  There is just so much going on…..

Well, you got the picture.  Enjoy the pictures below they also include some of the food you guys have missed.  I’ll try to be better at this blogging thing but life is busy and constantly changing.

Best friends


JV Football (& cookies)
JV Football (& cookies)
Best friends
Best friends
Life/ Events/ Travel

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