Terrible blogger part 2

Remember 9 months ago when I said I’d try to be more diligent about posting stuff.  I clearly didn’t know what those words meant because here I am 9 months later being worse about blogging than I was before Terrible blogger was written.

Lets catch you all up to speed (all 14 of you that actually click on my blog).

Since last September so much stuff has happened.  Literally like a ton of stuff.  James got moved up to starting lineman for this football season.  Archer started walking, Laila perfected her princess attitude… she has got it down packed.  Archer has become the drama queen himself with fits that will pierce anyone’s ear drums but that’s normal right???

Since we left off in September let’s start after that.

We did the Frederick County fair with the 3 brothers and their families

We tried to have more family outings and the kids saw their first horse show in DC

We took professional photos


We hosted kids from Denmark and at Medieval times our knight looked at Laila winked smiled and threw her a flower.  She kept calling him tio Cito, we were fairly high up in the stands and for a brief moment I really thought my brother in law was moonlighting as a knight.

Laila and Archer did their first pumpkin picking without their cousins, which was kind of sad because they missed them but we’ll fix that this year hopefully.

Archer’s first Halloween

Laila turned 2 and Archer turned 1

The kid’s cousins finally came to permanently live with Uncle Tim and Aunt Felicia


We had our Thanksgiving at home just the 5 of us.


Christmas Festivities were fun, Laila met Santa close up and was a little scared by the crowd.  Although she said hi to Santa in the mall daily her and Archer wouldn’t go near him lol.  Laila met Princess Anna and Queen Elsa.  Our actual Christmas Day was the last we will have in the PA house… times are changing.

Celebrated 3 Kings Day with the Puerto Rican Society in Frederick


We went to Deep Creek for the first time, not so fun in the winter unless you are into skiing

Aunt Amberly transferred to the Urbana Office and Started School so we tried to have weekly lunch dates which recently have tapered off because of the crazy schedules.  She is going to kill me for this picture (sorry I did a quick search and this was the first one, I’ll edit it when I go back and have more time to search for a better one)

Sweet Pantry was at Bingo with Amberly’s amazing new flavors (she made it all by herself)


We got a fish tank and guinea pigs…


Toured the DC Zoo with my brother in law and his kids


Archer went rock climbing with James and we hung out with Titi Vicky while James finished his merit badge


Laila’s second time at Seaworld and Archer’s first, The kids also met mickey and minnie and pluto and goofy and donald…. it was awesome

Easter Celebrations

James turned 15

Kids first professional haircut


Had an awesome family trip to Hershey Park


Did a Memorial Day Block Party with the neighbors


Archer’s first strawberry picking and their first time at Mayne’s farm


James’s troop graduated their first Eagle and James being a senior officer and the most advanced rank in the troop had to speak.


We celebrated our 5 year anniversary by booking a trip to Disney and actually staying on Disney property this time.

The kids started Swim Classes, Laila started Dance classes and they both started Gymnastics (Tumbling)

And now that brings us to today… the day after the 4th of July…. James has completed his first weekend in NY without us at his friends house and finished his first camp of the summer, he’s off to his second camp next week and that will conclude his last year in scout camps.  He is one project away from Eagle… and is just killing time now.

What will the rest of the summer hold… who knows but my sister in law is here (at my other sister in law’s) from PR and we’ll see what fun this week will create.



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