The Decision

I’m not much of a blogger so we can assume that this post won’t be about that although I am on a roll today with actually posting.

I’m about 3 years out from Laila going to Kindergarten, 4 years for Archer and 3 years for James graduating High school.  I’ve been internally debating what to do next.  I want to go back to work, actually I want to go back to work now but a good day care/ school is 3k a month for Laila and Archer.  Even if I go back to work I’d have to re-certify or brush up on whatever field I’m going to enter or re-enter.  Thus causing the thought process to begin because everything needs planning.  This blog post is going to walk you through my thought process and maybe you can help me in my search for what to do next.

Right this second I want to go to work but it could be because it’s been slow in the last semester of school.  The kids started swimming, dance and gymnastics in the last 2 weeks.  In August they will end but James will pick up football and is a starter this year so more games, more commitment, more volunteering.  The kids will probably start a new season of their activities in September and add in soccer.  But with that said I can always schedule those things after school/ work.

I want to do a job that allows me to be home in the summers and on non school days.  Ideally the school system is a good idea but lets be serious for a second.  I have to go back to school for a 2nd masters to be a teacher and that’s at the very least a year.  If I’m going to be a counselor I have to the same.  There is a type of work in MoCo that would allow me to work with pregnant teens on a school schedule and ideally I’d probably love that job but again I have to find out the requirements for that.  If I need to be a social worker that’s another Master’s degree.  Or maybe a work from home job but not something where I have to answer phones all day or make cold calls.  I hate that crap.

Here’s a twist.  Lately we’ve been talking about not going back to work at all even when the kids start because of sickness, canceled school days etc… we see our friends scramble for day care on a daily basis.

Reasons to go back to work

  1. I can use my brain in other ways
  2. Adult interaction
  3. Second income
  4. mental break
  5. Kids get classroom time

Reasons not to go back work

  1. Daycare is expensive and unreliable
  2. I am my kids best teacher
  3. home for illness/ holiday breaks/ snow days
  4. More time to take care of the house and bills
  5. availability for school functions and volunteering

I’ve entertained the idea of part time work but even that requires some type of set schedule and with kids, schedules don’t always work out as planned.  So here I am in this limbo of what to do.  I want to contribute financially but there is a magic number of 70k a year that makes that possible (3k for daycare plus commuting costs per month).  I’m limited to where I can work because one of us has to be local for emergencies and Joel works in Northern Virginia.  James gets his permit in December but can’t drive the kids around until March of 2018 when he’s 17.

I’d be lying if I knew what jobs were out there in the work at home field or even telecommuting that aren’t customer service oriented, not that every job isn’t customer service oriented but I’m specifically talking about those where you are continually answering the phone for random people.  I can do any job honestly because I’m adaptable but the question is what job or career would best suit me and our life style.  Ideas?


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