Crave Shenanigans

I am pleased to say I’m blogging for the second day in a row.  Bare with me people I am working on this consistency thing.  In fact so much so my next blog topic will go up immediately after this.

Last night the family and I visited Montgomery Mall and enjoyed a nice but way over priced dinner at Crave.  The food presentation was nice.  When we arrived there was an adequate attention given to our kids to make sure they were happy and that was great.  But that’s kinda where the great service stopped.  The manager or whomever the white guy was, was great at delivering our food and explaining what we have.  Our waitress looked like she’d rather be somewhere else.  She was nice and polite but probably over worked and we’ll just leave it that way to keep it nice.  The food came and it was beautiful.  Absolutely lovely.  It tasted good as well but not great.  Sushi is sushi and with that said Yoyogi and Hiro Sushi that are both about $4-$5 cheaper per roll provide just as good if not better food but not the fancy atmosphere or the wide variety of random options.  I wasn’t as impressed as I expected to be.  I will say when they say spicy, they mean spicy so I was surprised about the accuracy of that statement.  However, I’d be lying if I said I went there for the food.  We were there for family and that in its self makes the $125 we paid and the 80 they paid worth it (we were being fatties like super fat Joel and I each got a sushi boat…. yea that kinda fat).  Now before you have a heart attack over the cost let me remind you I am super frugal most of the time.  We haven’t eaten out in a week and that one only cost us $18 for 4 people.  I’m trying to cook what I can at home so we don’t spend unnecessary money especially with a Disney vacation coming up.  I will admit that I did splurge on getting Laila bath bombs at Lush but I vowed to only buy them from our Sears Optical friend Leila, who was made Supervisor yesterday (applause) from now on since hers are way cooler anyway.  We also almost got suckered into buying a bed from Sleep Number…. this is actually still in consideration given all the damn problems we have.  It may be worth the 36 month financing or not… that’ll probably be a different post as I research it.

Below are the pictures from our visit…. (I’m the biggest and OLDEST of them all yes including hubby)

Tonight The Maldonado Sisters will be doing a wine and paint night… it’s a first for me so needless so say expect a post tomorrow about that.



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