The Purge 2016

This is not a political blog, and because the media is skewed I try not to feed to much into the hype.  The disclaimer is this is my opinion.

I fully believe that this year marks a new era. Donald Trump released the flood gates of racism.  Now before you get on my case about that hear me out.  Prior to him running if you were racist you did it discretely in most cases.  It was not socially acceptable to be publicly racist.  His “motivational” speeches have created an environment that allows people to openly hate and be racist towards others and we as a society because we let him openly do it are suppose to accept this new norm.  They say they like him because he speaks his mind.  Speaking ignorance isn’t a good thing even if it’s on your mind.  I’m not all for political correctness but I am for respect and that has diminished.  With that said, this year alone there have been around (the number maybe higher but isn’t lower) than 600 deaths by police in 2016 (this is not an anti police post so keep reading).  The most recent of a man in his car whom had literally done nothing wrong.  Some of these deaths are justified, some are suicide by cop and some are just murder.  It is not our place to decide based on bits and peaces of information.  We as consumers of media do not have the entire story even with leaked footage we only have what the media and or owners of such footage (the sites it is  uploaded to) allow us to have.

Society is breaking down and dividing further.  The division is a tactic used by dictators to divide and concur.  Unity stands strong but if they break down unity their won’t be any positive change only a take over and further destruction.

The black on black crime has increased because it can and no one will talk about because it’s a norm? , and the black on white crime has increased because it’s the white people’s fault, and citizen vs. police has increased because bad cops evidently rule the world and good cops… well they are the targets of the retaliation in many cases, white on black crime is in the media and has increased?  because everyone fears for their lives?? They are literally purging the country indirectly.  They are letting you kill each other and fueling the hate that thrives and drives these crimes, they are tricking you into feeding the prison system and breaking down your own societies.  And when we are broken down there will be someone who comes in to “save” us all (no not Jesus… stop that right there).

YOU are the problem, your hate is the problem, you’re perception of retaliation is the problem.  Unifying is the answer but “fuck (insert color here) people”.

Here is the reality all you people every single one of you has ties to Mali, Africa… you are all from one place… regardless of what the color of skin was, skin tans, and the paints on the carvings and paintings change over time.  Skin much like hair and features adapt based on where you live and the geological conditions you have to adapt to in order to survive.  That’s why humans are here we have adapted our bodies have adapted to survive.    We will never know who the original color was what we will know is where they came from, where we came from.  We are all citizens of the earth, it is our duty to the planet whom is no longer happy with us to live in some type of harmony.  There will always be war and violence and fighting but it shouldn’t be the majority of the time.

Fire destroys, fire also brings life.  We as a people need to rebuild our society not into some utopia, it was never meant for that but into a more peaceful cohabitation.  This is our world, our country and our planet and we aren’t taking care of it or each other.  We are allowing genocide of our own people across the world.  Don’t forget the past but damnit stop repeating it, stop using it to divide, use it to learn and grow and create.

BTW, yes all lives matter but black lives in this country are under attack and Muslim lives are threatened.  So yes all lives matter but that doesn’t rectify that specific groups are under attack and the reality is their lives seem to matter less than white lives or tan lives or Asian lives or whatever lives.

Disclaimer:  I am not anti cop, I’m not anti violence, I am not anti religion,  I am not anti gun or anti gun control (with in reason).  I am Anti stupidity.

If you ever see a book by Kevin Mims, read it.  He hasn’t published it yet but when he does… because he will.  It is well worth the time it takes to read it.

Speak Positive, be positive, love mother earth, love your brothers and sisters, we are all related (you just committed incest lol), Vibrate Higher, Woosah, Zen, Pray… Balance.

Wake up!  The time is now for change, unite.

#SarahforCongress or senate or whatever lol  Joking I don’t even know what half of those lazy asses do.



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