Disney 2016

I totally suck at this blogging thing.  We went to Disney for my 32nd.  It was also the first time any of us stayed on Disney property and the first time the babies have been.

It is TOTALLY worth going to Disney while the kids are young.  There was so much to do that we didn’t do with James because we waited until he was 5 or 6 before he started going.  The magic from meeting the characters and Princesses are so different than when they are older.  The reactions were so pure and the emotions were awesome.  There were a ton of rides they could do.  My kids are not a fan of carnival style rides so that didn’t happen but the boat rides and coasters they were excited about even the dark creepy ones like it’s a small world.

A few tips.  The value resorts are awesome because you get the ability to do the magic hours and you get bands for free.  Those bands allow you to not have to carry your wallet which is awesome when thinking of financial safety.  It also allows you to take pictures and have them sent to your account for download.  Speaking of pictures.  BUY the memories package.  We literally paid 150 and I got to download all 300 pictures that the park picture people took instead of paying 20 per picture.  This was awesome because the cameraman caught Archer’s first love and second love with the shots you can see below he has a “thing” for Cinderella and Aurora.

We stuck with the typical Magic Kingdom, Epcot (1/2 day) and Animal Kingdom (1/2).  The small babies were bored at Epcot outside of character meets but for adults it was cool.  Animal Kingdom is awesome but you can do the whole park before noon and not miss a thing if you go in the magic hours.  This was our first park and paved the way for the kid’s awesome experience.  Magic Kingdom is a full day, from open to close.  There is so much to do but the only thing on our “list” we missed was Peter Pan’s flight because there was no way I was waiting in line.  Speaking of lines, word of Advice… you are permitted 3 fast passes per day for one park.  You can book them in advance.  It’s a pain to be stuck to a schedule but it saves time and you don’t wait in line on top rides.  Also, if you do parent swap, only get a fast past for the first parent going in because the second parent automatically gets one.  It’s a way for both parents to enjoy rides with small kids.  We did this with Soarin.  It was awesome.  In fact, I got a fast pass for Joel and James and didn’t have to.  I could have gotten it for Joel let him go in, and then James and I could have gone in on t he parent swap because you are allowed to take one person with you or James could have gone twice on the rides.  You have to tell the person at the front about the parent swap at the time the parent is entering.  It’s a nice hack and if planned properly you can really maximize your fast passes.

Gift and a curse.  Kids under 3 are free.  They also can’t get fast passes lol.

Over all opinion.  We are going back to Disney in March and may go for the kids birthday in November but since it’s a few days before Joel’s 30th Vegas Man Trip, I’m not sure if we can swing it.  His trip is booked already so that’s not negotiable.  I’ve been going to Disney for 30 years damn near.  I love this place so I’m bias but the fact that my kids are in love with Disney the same way I am makes this totally an awesome trip.



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