New Things??

I was invited to do a Pampered Chef Party.  In the process leading up to the event I started looking at all the things they have and the deals for people who sell it and buy it.  Some things are expensive but some of my moms oldest products are Pampered Chef so the quality is definitely there.  If you think about how much you spend on replacing the cheap shit it makes sense to pay a little more get a better quality and not have to do that cost again.  As I looked through their site there are 91 items $10 and under, and at least 23 cookware items (like pans) that are 35 or under.  I stopped going through the cost counting at that point and realized if I sort it from least to most expensive (instead of the automatic sort of most expensive to least) then my cheap wallet budget is happy.  There are some real reasonable things on there and some uber expensive things like a $500 pot set but in retrospect Macys has a few of those too for WAY  more and less quality (and you guys know I LOVE Macys).

NOW let me be clear.  I am NOT a sales person.  I’m not that personable, I don’t like talking to people unless I’m in a good mood, and how friendly I am greatly depends on that mood.  I don’t want to chase after people to be distributors or make friends with random people just push the product.  There are people who are amazing at that, they are energetic, supportive and driven.  They are great examples of what sales people are… my consultant and some of my it works friends are literally that.  That is not me, I’m just here to bless people with food and if I make money great and if not well at least I got equipment.  If you like what I do support me, it’s a win win situation.  I get sales and you get awesome equipment and tips for fast and/or delicious meals.

People always ask what did I do, how did I make it, where did I find the recipe.  But I don’t measure and I kinda wing it all the time.  At least this way people can see it and where ever I get the “recipe” from I’ll just link that too.

With that said there will probably be links to those videos here or a page that will access my youtube channel.  So if you are into food just want to support me then subscribe to my channel and buy some cooking stuff lol.  My channel name is Sarah.  Simple right?

Link to youtube Channel:

Pampered Chef link:




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