So I did it.  I took the jump a month ago signed up and didn’t do a thing.  Seriously life was so hectic that aside from going through pampered chef university (which is an awesome tool by the way) and talking to a few people about it I didn’t even unpack most of my goodies.  Which let me add is totally not me because I even order extra stuff that I loved.

So this week… well today I finally booked my launch party on the only available Saturday in the near foreseeable future (foreseeable is defined by in the next 7 days lol).  Every day feels like a never ending series of events revolving around the kids and don’t get me wrong I’ll have them Saturday too BUT they’ll be in their bed by start time.  It’s a virtual party.  Easiest way for everyone honestly.  I want to do the whole hosting thing but I get it people have lives and finding dates that work is hard so for now the virtual party has to do.  I have a great teacher who created a mock for me to follow but I’m still nervous.

So this date has lit a fire under my butt to get my self in gear and get ready.  I’ve got a game tomorrow, safe harvest Thursday, Disney on Ice Friday, Joel will need a ride to and from Olde Mother Saturday, Sunday is 24/7’s Party for being voted the best in Frederick and Monday is finally Halloween …. which James has off from school, Tuesday little gym & team dinner, Wednesday Last Game and I think I’m catering a dinner for 40 kids and families…. I think, then Thursday is scouts, Friday preturkey day turkey day and Saturday the Kids party.  Joel starts school on Halloween and 4 days after the kids party he’s off to Vegas for his own birthday celebrations.  My schedule is packed but Saturday night…. that will be for me to practice with people I’ve known since high school, people I’ve known since college, people I met at previous jobs or in previous states, people who run business like mine, family and most importantly….. those are the people who I think will offer valuable advice on how to do the next party and whom to ask.

I didn’t invite everyone I know and that may be a mistake but for my first try I invited people I know will give me honest opinions and tips.  If they buy stuff that’s awesome.  If they don’t that’s fine the goal of this specific time is to work on my skills for the future.  I should be asleep… hell the kids have been in “bed” since 8:30 they should be asleep too… guess neither one of us likes to do what we’re supposed to.

Good night blog readers I appreciate y’all.


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