It’s 12:16am as I start this.  I need to be up in 7 hours to get ready for a bridal expo but I figured it’s been a while so I’ll pen some QUICK updates.  There has been some good and bad but for now we’ll just talk about the good since I don’t have the time or energy to get into the other stuff.  Last time I put the fingers to the keys on here it was in preparation for Christmas.  That has come and gone.  We went to my parent’s new house in North Carolina and talked to the builders about our own little piece of the pie.  It is a perfect fit for our family.  Sadly NC license laws for Joel’s type of work is stupid and apples to apples he holds all 3 of their licenses.  Their training is an 1/4 of the time and their pay reflects it.  So unless he gets hired as a global PM it’s not going to happen right this second.

In January we returned and at the end of the month I hosted my first recipe night.  Needless to say I rocked it.  It’s like girls night out with perks for the guests.  I also hit my highest party sales.  I love doing virtual parties but I need more friends and I’m just not pushy enough to bother the ones I’ve got lol.  My favorite part so far is that I have a new product line that I’m super excited about and will not discuss in this post but it drops March 1st and it’s got some awesome stuff.  You can always join my facebook Pampered Chef group to get those sneak peaks.

I’ve been actively protesting the tiny thumped Orange p.o.s., 45 and his Master Bannon as well as some (not all) of the cabinet picks.  That’s probably the reason I take these writing hiatuses.  I don’t want it to turn into a political blog about human decency and common sense.  Not that it’s a bad thing but politics are tricky.  I’m proud to say Laila and I participated in the woman’s march and would have been at the Muslim one but…. life has a funny way of screwing up plans.

The kids… where do I start with them…. kids are full of drama.  Drama is for another day.  However, when Laila is in the mood for her Piano Lesson she is doing amazing for her little attention span.  It’s also helping her with finger strength, and counting.  We are in The Little Gym almost 5 days a week for their gymnastics class and Archer is benefiting greatly as far as development.  Laila is learning a routine now for her dance recital in her Intro to Dance class.  It’s coming up quick but she recognizes her moves by animal names so I guess that’s a good sign right? James, he’s another story all together.  One that may actually get it’s own post later this week.  His wrestling season is at an end.  That we can talk about later too.  However, I’ll make a brief mention that today he completed his Eagle project.  That sentence may not be huge in this post but in the next one about him you’ll realize how significant that really is.  He’s prepping for his AP exams and we are officially picking colleges.

This is an extremely brief description of that last few months.  Life is almost moving too fast.  I’ll have some down time soon and I’ll make sure to make it back to blog, even though I say that every single time I disappear.  It would be terrible if I actually had followers that were expecting these updates and “discussions”.  Maybe this week I’ll even put a recipe up.  I haven’t done that or food porn in a while and I got this awesome pasta maker I use damn near daily… all things for another day….


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