Back to business??

Another Monday is here.  Happy Monday Ya’ll!!! I’m getting back to the swing of things.  Most if not all of you didn’t know I had to have surgery this past Friday.  I don’t want today’s article to be a rant about those types of unfortunate events.  But I’m happy to report with the help of some well timed pain meds, my parents, and some great friends I’ll be back to Sarah hopefully before I pop a stitch doing something stupid.

Over the weekend, I’ve been trying to use this time to get myself together and get my pampered chef business back on track since I took a mental break for a bit to deal with the above referenced crap.  I’ve got new products I’m super excited about that hit the site March 1st.  I’m not excited because it’s my business but because I can’t wait until my indoor outdoor grill arrives.  I got all my other toys that’s the last one I’m expecting.

I’d like today’s blog entry to be a reminder to be dedicated.  Not just to your craft but to your self.  Take time to take care of your body.  We as a society concentrating on our pockets and we forget the bodies that need fuel and care to help line those pockets.  Get on your grind you’ll do great but first stop and have some tea a good breakfast and a spa day.

Happy Monday!!



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