Not all news is bad

Health can be a tricky topic for many people.  Somethings that sound awful are in fact blessings.  Since I got my Pathology report back this post will be an update on my health.  Last Friday, February 24, 2017 at 11 am ish I had parts of my cervix removed. I’ve been battling this since a teenager.  The process was usually simple.  Go for a pap, pap comes back abnormal, get a biopsy (also called a Colposcopy now) and then freeze the cells.  Test again next year.  Pictures of this part:

These are a definition of the cells:

cervix_exam  If you think of it as Normal being Quadrant 1, Cancer Quadrant 2, Low grade Quadrant 3 and High grade Quadrant 4.  I have been teetering on the boarder between 2 and 4 for a minimum of 6 years.

I have had many of these routine procedures done in office and they suck royally.  And I do mean many, like once a year many.  In 2011 I was instructed I was damn near out of time.  I was in Quadrant 4.  We were trying to have a baby because the Leep or Conization were the next steps from that point.  I got pregnant as soon as fertility worked.  Some of you remember how that turned out in June 2012.  Had I had either procedure my risk during pregnancy was greater and bed rest and stitches to hold the baby in would be necessary.  By the time I had mentally recovered from June I was being urged that I had one last shot to get pregnant and I couldn’t postpone the procedure any longer.  I was pregnant with Laila.  3 months later at the next visit after Laila was born I was pregnant with Archer.  I didn’t return after Archer’s birth in Nov. 2014 to the doctor.  I had a good pap while pregnant for the first time in almost 2 decades and thought I was clear.  Nope.

My friend Manara (whom I’m convinced is my moms cousin) literally yelled at me and stood in front of me like a pissed off older sister while I called to make my annual appointment.  I went and got my pap at the end of January 2017, was told everything looks smooth and 2 weeks later found out that was a lie.  The next steps were quick.  Surgical discussion appointment and surgery date.  I asked for a hysterectomy because of Endometriosis pains (not confirmed the pain is ridiculous) but was quickly denied after review of the cells.


If I had anything more that Stage 1T I would have to have radiation and would need my uterus in place to protect my bowels.  So Conization (which I’ve been calling colonization) was the immediate remedy.  We decided on a more aggressive approach in removing more area and scraping higher up the center to see how far it has spread.


That brings us to today.  I got my pathology report back.  I am not beyond Stage 1T and am clear for a Total Hysterectomy.


My pathology did have errors in the processing but we are confident that whatever information we did get is hopefully correct.  Either way in 5 more weeks I’ll go for a check up and then we’ll discuss the removal of everything except my ovaries.  No one wants to get their lady parts removed but realistically I’d rather remove them then be at risk for Cervical cancer (especially since we don’t know if we got it all) and it’ll cut out that whole ridiculous pain I get every month that I swear is 3/4 of the month.  For now I recover with the help of friends and family.  Cramping sucks, my pain management guy is my favorite person right now and the kids are trying to kill me but today I survived with a bit of my sanity and I have hope for my health.  Eventually, I’ll be mentally okay, I’m working through it.

If you are a close friend and are discovering all this just now.  Please understand that it’s been a quick  process and I literally have been concentrating on getting myself through it before I even discussed it with anyone.  I don’t want anyone to worry unnecessarily.  Cancer is scary and the word alone strikes fear into the hearts of people.  Today, I survived.  Tomorrow, I move on.




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