Make over

I’ve been feeling kind of crappy and was feeling like I needed a pick me up.  There is no secret I support Local Business and especially my friends businesses.  From ordering girl scout cookies a few states away to getting facial products.  I have friends who sell Pure Romance, Sentsy, Thirty-One, Herbalife, It works (like 1/2 my friends list sells this literally), Lip Sense, Limelight, Custom Socks, some friends that are Authors and people who know people who sell Lularue and jamberry.  I’m not into the whole make up scene.  Never have been.  I became a Mac whore back in college with Jenn but I was still just an amateur make up person.  A friend of mine sold Rodan and Fields and I started using that took keep my skin healthy but eventually if you use anything enough it doesn’t really work and honestly it’s an expensive habit but it worked.  Then I met this Younique lady… and something in my heart sparked.  I wanted to support her but again I’m not that into make up.  I watched her videos for like 4/5 months straight.  She switched companies to Limelight by Alcone and I watched her skin transform.  I made an order to support her and I was hooked.  I canceled my Rodan and Fields orders and moved onto Limelight.  This article is about my experience with that switch and about how a simple change in look can affect your overall feeling about yourself.

Yesterday I did my first make over and test with the make up.  I was impressed.  I never wore make up because I always felt as if it made my skin look flaky (because it’s dry) or because it would rub off or because it would look sloppy at the end of the day and felt heavy.  Yesterday I felt none of those things.  My skin looked smooth, it looked even and it felt as if I had nothing but chapstick on my lips.  So much so that I rubbed my eyes at night and didn’t even realize I had make up on.  For someone who didn’t wear makeup I feel like this is huge.

I didn’t take any before pics but here’s my make up done and right before bed when I had taken it off.

I like the way the products feel and now I’m not talking just make up.  I use the mask of zen, skin therapist and Quench… then after testing Dream clean  and Lemon & Jojoba during a part of the month when my skin changes.  I was hooked on those too and order them.  The one drop wonder was amazing and I felt like my skin looked 10 years younger so I got that and Sotoks.  Not many people’s skin fluctuates like mine does and perhaps that’s the reason nothing really worked well for long.  But after some experimenting I found a balance that works and all of this was BEFORE I did the make over.

Now we’re on Make over day.  I discovered things like Renew body collection:  Bamboo Renew, cream of the crop and forty cure creme.  I haven’t tried them but they smelled awesome!!.  I learned that good make up application requires the proper tools like priming and finishing spray.  The right brushes matter.  concealer should be lighter and bronzer is a must.  I learned I can actually apply my own mascara without poking my self in the eye.  I learned that a liquid eyeliner pen is just as easy as a regular pen but applies smoother.  Lipstick is so much more than just a color these days.  I also learned you gotta play with colors and blend to get the perfect looks.  Most importantly I learned none of this is actually hard or even really time consuming.  The longest part of the application was our conversations.  I know this probably sounds like a sales pitch and in many ways it is because I’m sold but this is my experience.

These details matter because yesterday I was reminded that just because I don’t know how to do something or because I’m not confident in myself or my abilities doesn’t mean I can’t become that way.  A simple make over reminded me that we as women (and some men) need a “fresh face” sometimes to remind us we are in fact invincible and can do and over come anything.  I’m currently considering adding this to my portfolio not because I’m any good at it but because it’s out of my comfort zone and any product that makes me feel that great about myself should be something I promote.  It’s the reason I do pampered chef and maybe the reason I add Limelight.  The best sales people are those who truly believe in their products and I surely wouldn’t waste my time or effort if I didn’t believe in these.

To look at the items I referenced check out


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