Avocado is Pain

Many years ago I was making guacamole with my friend Paula.  I had never really had it that often or Avocado but it was a new thing for me so we were on this kick.  Once I took a bite almost immediately I started to get a pain in my stomach.  Like where my actual stomach is.  Not a stabbing, but an ache.  It sucked.  I kept eating because it was delicious thinking it was the seasoning powder.  Next time we made it from scratch and the same thing happened.  The next time it was just Avocado with salt and lemon and guess what?  It still began to hurt.  So after talking to a Pharmacist I worked with I took a Benadryl.  Guess what?  It worked.  Pain went away.  As a test to see if it was my gallbladder (Pharm’s recommendation) I ate bacon and no reaction.

I stayed away from Avocado for a few years and everything was fine.  One day I decided to have a bite.  No pain.  Does that mean whatever the issue was is gone?  Maybe.  I continued to enjoy my squishy green treat for a year or so before the pain returned.  The onset was quicker and lasted longer but my trusty Benadryl always did the trick so I could enjoy my little treat.  Eventually the pain stopped coming so I thought I was clear.  I was in heaven for at least a year or two again.  Able to eat Sushi with out wondering what’s in it etc…

Until last week.  Last week I went to the sushi buffet with out a problem, I had salads with Avocado on them with out an issue.  On Friday, 3/3/17, my mom cut a piece of Avocado and put it on a plate.  One tiny bite and my throat swelled up and my chest got tight and my stomach hurt.  The only time I have ever had my chest get tight was after I bit a date, and after a mini bee stung me in Florida (it was my first sting ever).  Two Benadryl and twelve hours later I was still in pain but still able to breath and before you ask no I did not go to the hospital or the doctor for that cause they would have practically given me the same meds for 10 grand more than cvs did.  I guess my allergy if I can even call it that has progressed.  One small tiny bite is all it took and 2 days before that I had been eating it free and clear.

I literally thought it was the worst pain I had ever felt.  Until 3 hours ago.  We had dinner at Fridays (which I actually hate but I tolerate their endless apps).  The waitress was amazing and so attentive.  James was asking her random questions like “In a fight would a Kangaroo or Moose win” or “Does Mike Wisowski blink or wink”.  The kids stayed quiet with tablets because I had mentally checked out for the day.  All was grand.  I ate fried pickles (which I love), stole a mozzarella stick from James’s plate, had pot stickers and tasted Laila’s Cesar? salad.  There is a question mark by Cesar because I don’t think that’s what it was.  Right after that my stomach turns, even the smell of Laila’s chicken tenders that she spit out is not helping.  So we leave.  I get home and I literally have the worst pain of my life.  I cramp and not just any cramp.  Anyone who has ever gone through labor naturally knows that the contractions at the very end like seconds before the baby passes the ring of fire are the absolute worst, with terrible pressure on your rectum.  It was exactly like that (no I didn’t have to poop).  The cramp didn’t let up either it lasted  15 minutes straight at least before I could move enough to get a prescription pain pill and the hottest temperature my skin could endure onto my back.  It finally let up.

I spent most of my post op not taking my pain meds because I needed to be functional and for me to need them at this point a week and a half post off was ridiculous but it happened.  Now (if I ever get around to being good at self care)  I will need to have an allergy test done not just for normal allergens (I did that test back in 09) but for Avocado, Bee stings, and Dates… 3 things that my body has reacted crazy towards in the last decade because if something as simple as 1 bite, or even just licking it salad dressing off my finger that may or may not contain or have come in contact with the allergen.

I don’t mind not eating dates or getting stung by bees even though most healthy candy like food has dates somewhere in it.  Is this the end of avocado for me?  Not unless I’ll need an Epi pen, then yes because I don’t want to bother with those things.  If I can treat it with a pill and still eat it great if not well…. This is going to suck because I have a million recipes I love that include Avocado.

Side note James got his Cast off today and is now in a boot and will be starting Therapy soon.  He is dying to get back to the gym and build up his muscle mass.


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