Out of the comfort zone

By now most of you know I sell pampered chef (www.pamperedchef.biz/SarahMal).  Although direct Sales are not my kind of thing food is, cooking is, and use of quality products for those two things just comes natural.  So of course that’s a perfect fit but this article is not about that business but about my new one.

Over the last 4-5 months I have been watching a Lady named Erica who I met at a vendor event where I was the Pampered Chef lady.  Her energy was intoxicating and her Aura called to me.  Ever since I met her I’ve been her biggest supporter.  In January she moved to a new company after testing the products on her face.  She had suffered skin cancer burns and was self conscious.  I just didn’t take care of my skin and although on most days I look homeless and I’m okay with that nobody wants to look 50 years older than they are.  Seriously, most of my friends are shocked and I mean that literally to find out I’m 32 and not almost 40.  Part of that is due to my personality but part is my face too.  So I secretly ordered her recommendation and started using.  Then I asked for samples of other stuff that caught my eye and then another order and another…. well you get the point.  After a few orders and a makeover at her house she asked me why I didn’t join her team.  I gave Erica a bullshit answer (which I’m sure she knew was crap) that I was just trying to see if I was any good at this sales thing.  Which by the way I am not but that’s kind of not the point.  I’m not a sales person but if I like a product I support it and I back it with my own personal experience.  She knows that, I just had to figure that out.  It’s what I use to drive my PC business and now it’ll be what I use to drive my Limelight by Alcone business.  I hope you guys will support me in this as you have been supportive of my Pampered Chef business.  I wouldn’t sell something I didn’t believe in, that’s not worth my time.  I don’t work because I need to I do it because I want to share things I love.

This is the first time I’m placing my link out there so I hope you welcome me and check out our products:  https://www.limelightbyalcone.com/SarahMal

My fb business page is:  Sarah Fritz-Maldonado’s Limelight by Alcone


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