Easy Peazy

Anyone who has ever embarked on a new journey thinking it was easy was mistaken.  Nothing in life worth having has come easy to anyone.  I don’t want you to think these blogs are all about product pushes.  The reality is my blog is about food, my kids and my lack of sanity which my careers contribute to. This specific article is to explain a few misconceptions about direct sales.

It’s no secret that I like food or that I enjoy cooking.  I hate cleaning so naturally Pampered Chef would be a good fit. Right??  It also shouldn’t be a secret to anyone who actually saw my posts that I supported and promoted Limelight be Alcone… way before ever joining their team.  Marilyn Monroe wore their lipstick… true story.  Both of these businesses are direct sales.  There is no commission for not selling, there is no base pay.  Your income is solely based on your ability to sell with that said.  There are some out going costs.  These two businesses are better than some of the others with ridiculously high start ups.  Being a sales person is very difficult and not for everyone.  Including me.

Now this doesn’t mean I’m not still the pampered chef lady or the limelight by Alcone lady what it means is that I’m not now or probably ever going to be a sales person.  What I am is a consumer who enjoys the products and saw an opportunity to share them with others.  I’m not the girl pushing parties.  I don’t care if you have them.  I just want to give you an opportunity to get things cheaper or free.  I see value in helping others save money.  I see value in saying hey if you make a registry you can get things for free for your wedding, anniversary etc… I’m not the lady pushing you to do anything.  I am going to show you why I’m part of the team I am.  I will show things I love and I will answer questions about products.

My goal is to help people.  With all that said.  Please understand that the people who do these businesses spend a lot of their own money advertising, getting samples, kits, products etc… there is a ton of training involved in these businesses and conferences, groups to train others, logistics of orders and making sure clients are happy.  I don’t mean me… I mean all people in direct sales.  We all work very hard to ensure we are doing what we are doing right.  We spend hours upon hours even as part time workers.  So please understand these are full time customer service jobs and they aren’t difficult per-say but they are time consuming and do require much of our energy and attention and each and every one of us appreciates when you lend us a helping hand by sharing a post or telling a friend.  The reality is we rely on our friends and hope our friends support us.  Even if the products don’t work for you they may work for your friends.

So help a friend, share a post, or buy local and direct sales.  We work hard and we appreciate you all and I’m sorry we can’t be the walmart price but honestly our stuff is backed by amazing companies and warranties and have better quality products.  In my case Warren Buffet owns pampered chef and Alcone has been the make up & face care to the stars/ hollywood for decades.




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