Never stop learning

Learning is one of those things that we never really stop doing.  There are many different types of learning.  We can go to school and learn, we can self teach, we can watch and learn etc.  I’ve pride myself on continuously learning something about everything.  It usually doesn’t take much effort.  Except with my new ventures I find myself in new territory.  Cooking and kitchen I know and I know well but make up and skincare that’s different.  This post is not business specific by the way.    So with one of my businesses I’ve been given homework.  For the first time in my life I’m back in class.  I won a contest for selling a specific number and my prize was a course with Jack Jacobs, he teaches a Mastermind course.  It’s mind blowing.  Seriously, if you are in direct sales or anything that requires marketing he is well worth the cost.

So my first class was last night and my first one on one was last night and do you know what I did after?  I ordered my books and took my sick ass to bed.  But this morning I woke up and played my video for homework.  I wrote up my homework and started to implement my lesson.  It looked so overwhelming on paper.  It wasn’t, what it is… it’s enlightening.

This blog post is short but my point is whatever it is your are doing…. continue learning.  Be that expert, get that extra degree, take that course!  Continue to grow continue to learn!!!  Don’t forget sharing knowledge and collaborating are all parts of success!!!!


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