This blog post is different.  Well every post I have is different but this post is asking those who read it for tips.  It’s been 6 years if not longer since I’ve had to interview anyone for anything.   I’m sure make up lovers by now know that Limelight is on a hiring freeze for beauty guides.  Freezes don’t last forever and it’s time I get ready for the thaw.  They wanted to make sure every person they had accepted was well trained before those people go out and they want to make sure those people who buy into this business are people who genuinely want to be part of it.  I personally thought that was awesome.  Not sure what other direct sales companies do that.

I know you’re still confused about the interview thing.  So with pampered chef anyone can go to my site and sign up to be a independent consultant.  With Limelight you go through some prepping and some training and an interview.  There are almost daily live that give the ability to hop on and ask questions and learn or catch the replays.  There are so many resources in your green room and the facebook group support is phenomenal.  Not saying P.C. isn’t, there are some of those things too but not as much from corporate.  (I love P.C. it’s just different) .

So back to the question for help.  What is it you, the readers that conduct interviews, look for or ask?  How do you express your love for your business with out sounding like a marketer?  Because look I love what I’m doing, I love what I’m making,, I love helping people but if you think I’m trying to recruit you then you’ve missed my message.  So how do you tell a potential partner (because although I’m interviewing I’m not their boss I’m just the person that will help them and coach them to be successful, they are their own boss).  What kind of questions do you ask to make sure these potential people are genuinely interest and understand what this business is about?

You don’t need experience but you need to have a drive.  How do you interview or define drive?  Put your suggestions in the comments either page comment or on the facebook posts???  Serious post, I totally feel green about this and I know Limelight will have answers for me but I want to know what my friends do.

Knowledge is the key to everything!


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