I did a live earlier last week about this deal Westgate offered us for being owners.  The deal is less for us and more for you.  Now if you buy a time share yea my parents get a commission but honestly it’s not about that.  I’m here saying take the opportunity for a vacation.  If you love it great and want to buy that’s on you but you won’t get that pressure from anyone in my family.  So lets talk about it.  What you need are the dates you want to go on vacation, you’ll also need the discount code of  9118109070.  I have not gotten navigating the website down which is Wstgt.com/9118109070 so I’m going to tell you to call 1-800-610-0459 or 1-800-837-1460 (theses are the numbers on the fliers the website has a different number) instead to make sure you get your deal.  The deal on the flyer which I will post here says 4 Days/3 Nights for Just $99. I’m going to assume this is for a one bedroom.  (Couches pull out just so you know)  You can probably upgrade for a few more to more bed rooms.  I’m not sure but I’m going to say I think that’s why there’s an asterix by the 99.


Now there is some fine print so lets go over that.  It says:  “Qualified participants are between the ages of 26-68 who must attend a 90 minute discovery tour and sales presentation of Westgate resorts.  If married or cohabitating, both parties must attend the presentation together.”

There’s alot more and I’ll post a close up of the fine print.20170424_121603[1]

So lets go over that.  You cannot have toured westgate on your own (like if you were there on an exchange week then went back a week later on this deal and toured both times…. that’s a no no) in the last 12 months.  You can only use this type of offer once per life time.  So with that said IF YOU ARE NOT MARRIED:  I see it as each of you can book the deal once, especially if you have different addresses you can use.  If you are married it’s one per couple.  Once you complete the tour (they usually feed you too) you get your gifts.  Tours can last hours.  So let them know if you are not interested in buying at the very beginning and tell them they have 90 minutes and not a second more.  If they can’t sell you in that time frame then that’s them you are still entitled to your gifts after 90 minutes.  Gifts can me meal gift cards, they can be discounted theme park tickets etc…. choose your gifts wisely, they’ll give you options at check in when you set your tour time.

It mentions 60k and married and 60 miles.  Ignore that statement that’s the this offer was designed for which doesn’t mean you have to meet that criteria to use it, because they obviously don’t have resorts in every state.

Now lets talk about the resorts:

There are 8 locations:  Orlando, Park City, Gatlinburg, Myrtle Beach, Las Vegas, Branson, Williamsburg, Miami.  They just acquired a location in Cocoa Beach.  I’ve been to all those places just not through Westgate.  The Orlando (Kissimee) is the one I frequent.   I’ve been to Westgate Lakes once (don’t remember much other than a pool) but I’ve been going to Westgate Vacation Villas for 30 years.  So I’ll speak to that.  This location has a fitness center that’s pretty nice, picnic areas throughout, grills, more pools than I can remember (an adult pool with bar), tennis, volleyball, basketball, baseball, soccer, bikes, shuffleboard, game room, drafts sports bar & grill, onsite pizza, daily activities at various pools like make your own rocket or build your own icecream sunday, miniature golf, maria with paddle boats, full service deli, market place, hershey’s ice cream shop, starbucks, onsite water park, tickets2you attraction ticket desk (this is separate than the discount tickets you get for doing the tour), convention space etc…. Now the rooms have an open concept living dining room, leather sleeper sofas, large flat screen tv in living room, tv in each bed room, “fully” equipped kitchen (my definition of fully equipped is different lol), marble jetted tub, private terrace and washer/dryer.


Not every resort has the same amenities so I made it clear to only talk about the one I know.  This flier is the one we got at check in with our tour reservation.  Our tour prizes (this is us personally as owners) was tickets at their cost which tend to be cheaper than you can find online usually a 30% or sometimes more discount, 2 gift cards to a restaurant, 10 free water park passes, owners resort amenities card (makes things free), savings card and coupon book and a breakfast buffet.  You do have to make a 20 deposit but you get that back as soon as your tour is done.  They just want to make sure you aren’t booking a time and having a person waiting for you if you aren’t going to show.

This deal is open to anyone who wants it even if I don’t know you, If you want a paper copy I’ll mail you one.  Sharing is caring.  Enjoy.

I’ve seen a bunch of other deals on the website so I don’t know what all that is about but if you want the whole 4 day/3 night thing for 99 call to make sure you get that!!


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