Who is SarahMal?

My dad always said nothing good ever happens after midnight. This may be the one exception to the rule (aside from child birth). SarahMal happened by accident, seriously. It’s what happens when your name is not unique. There are over 850 Sarah Fritz’s on Facebook. Don’t get me started about how many Sarah, Sara, Sera Maldonado’s there are. In fact, Joel’s cousin’s wife is also Sera Maldonado. When I signed up with pampered chef I needed to create a name that would be on the end of my website. Well… Sarah was taken. Sarah Fritz was taken. Sarah Maldonado is too long and it was taken. Maldonado was taken and if I thought Sarah Maldonado was long, Fritz Maldonado is even longer. So I picked a name quickly. SarahMal. Didn’t even think it was important until like 5 months later.

Here’s the thing. I took marketing it was my minor in college. You’d think I would have remembered that your brand is everything. Literally, we typically have our names as our brands our whole life and we are judged by who we are, but when your name is the same as others it’s easy to get lost in the sea. So as individuals we create this person that stands out and is different. I, knowing I didn’t want to be absorbed, hyphenated my last name after I got married. My whole life I knew there were other Sarah Fritz’s. I knew getting married there were other Sarah Maldonado’s BUT there is only one Sarah Fritz-Maldonado. However, that is a long name period.

So when I joined limelight I’m like for the same of ME remembering I just used the same name SarahMal. After taking a class with Jack Jacobs #JusstJackMastermind or #JusstJack or JusstJack.com however you want to refer to him (and you’ll here me talk about him in FB lives along with my Friend Erica Kuiper also know as #TheSuperKuipers) I realized I’m suppose to have a hashtag so people can find me easier. So naturally I used the user name I picked for my 2 business websites out of sheer laziness. Still I didn’t realize I created a brand. Talk about dense. Here I am putting my hashtag on my cooking videos, my life advice, my make up stuff, my pictures etc… and I still don’t realize what the hell I have created.

So last night around 1 am I decided I’m tired of typing http://www.limelightbyalcone.com/SarahMal so I looked at the most successful people I know. Thehotjem, TheSuperKuipers and SuperKuiperSmile, Jusstjack and a few more people. Notice something in common? they created websites that direct you to the long www……. OR that are just their site. Their Brand! and BAM!!! Light Switch turned on!!! so off to Go Daddy I went and SarahMal was born, well not born but bought. I am SarahMal I should own it. I’ve been using the hashtag. The only person I’ve seen and I clicked to make sure that used SarahMal was a wedding in Ireland on instagram a few years ago. So when you look up SarahMal it’s me. It’s me on youtube, it’s me on facebook, it’s me on instagram. Okay on youtube the world mal is used separately and some creepy videos in other languages come up too but sill lol. Even my twitter handle is @_SarahMal, my instagram is _SarahMal. I don’t even use twitter. Seriously I mean the last picture is of when Laila was 1 and Archer was an infant on there… Laila is going to be 4 in Nov. I’ll start using it eventually. Maybe. It use to be BitterSweetSarah on everything. But Sarah’s not bitter anymore so it’s okay to let go of that name now.

As we grow and we evolve it’s important to Brand ourselves as the person we aspire to become. SarahMal is no longer okay of just being one of the Sarah’s or one of the millions of Fritz’s or millions of Maldonado’s. She… Me.. Is ready to be me. I no longer want to blend in with the crowd, not sure if I ever did but I want the world to know. SarahMal is my evolution. She is the Finance person who became an Engineer that turned into a house wife. That house wife turned into a business owner of not 1 but 3 successful business (one I have since phased out and only provide support for since I believe my Co-owner is ready to take that company and thrive, I have stepped back to let her soar). I may changes businesses again because you never really know what life has for you, but doesn’t change is my Brand, My brand is me. For now I love what I do and I love the companies and products I promote. I get to say every single day that I sell products that were so elite, and so coveted it was never available to the general public until now. That’s freaking awesome and even more awesome is I got to define my identity in the process.

I’ll see you guys on fb at my lunch time lives. If you don’t have me as a friend add me I’m friendly.


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