What in the lack of common freaking sense is this?

So I’m fuming right now. Like face looks like a bright red apple, blood is about to spray out of my eyes mad. I’m not angry at any one person. I’m mad at the stupidity that is this damn greedy ass hospital. It is 2017 and since we moved here in 2011 I haven’t been late on a single bill, especially our medical bills.

So imagine my surprise when I get this thick package addressed to me from the Hospital. I thought maybe they are updating their policy or were returning the copy of my living Will. Nope. It was a series of bills from literally Archer’s birth until now. I paid for Archer’s birth. I paid the Dr.’s separately, I paid the facility fee. But evidently the nursery isn’t party of the facility so today I got an extra 400+ charge for that. Never mind that Archer stayed with me the entire time including his botched circumcision. Yes I went and I watched but it was not the nursery and I paid that charge already. So what Nursery? I don’t know. In total the bills will come to a debt of $3000 literally. But wait there’s more… (say that in a game show host sounds way better) there are almost $600 in bills that were sent directly to collections without ever generating a bill. They have now been flagged for review because had I been billed they would have been paid like the $25000 we have already paid them over the last 3 years. Their system literally showed the representatives (and I used an S because more stupidity will follow in the next paragraph) that no bills were ever generated after they collected money from the insurance company. I literally went over 3 years of bills and checks issued with this lady. No seriously.

Now you’d think we could loop this all together for a payment plan right? nope. So 5 of the bills are with one business, 10 are with another business and then there is a 3rd balance. They are all the freaking FMH billing department, just different companies. but my payments… they all go to the same damn PO box. Seriously?!?!?!? You have one place to pay but 3 places to bill so I still have to write 3 freaking checks to send them to 1 place so they can be applied to 3 different places. So I can consolidate into one payment what’s with each company but not the total amount. The frustration is crazy… seriously. Does that make any sense? It doesn’t to me.

And for the record I never was notified or billed by collections on those 4 bills either, I only found out because the lady started mentioning amounts I didn’t have in my hand and when we researched them that’s how we found out. Crazy right?

The reality is I can get as angry as I want at this but it was important that I don’t take that anger and frustration out on the people who are helping me research this bullshit. Remember customer service people are just doing their job. It is the upper management that ultimately makes these decision to be greedy and create bullshit charges and back bill, their loyalty is not to the staff, the patients or helping others it’s to their share holders and as someone who has worked in the hospital I understand this, doesn’t mean I like it though.


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