Bitter Sweet Weekends.

This weekend was awesome, it was also sad. We had an amazing neighborhood BBQ with my favorite neighbors. The weather was kind enough to hold out for us but it was an eye opener. I realized that our dynamic is changing and with one of our trio moving. Then we had the Eagle Scout Court of Honor which is officially our last act as a scout. But it’s over a decade of dedication that has paid off and come to an end. My family was ALL here and just as quickly gone. Then there was the Baptism which again was great the kids played with their cousins and food was amazing. Lots of love all around but the feeling of knowing you’re done having kids when you don’t really want to be done always lingers.

I have been super blessed with neighbors who, although are in different stages of life, we have this amazing friendship. We have the slightly older than me mom with young kids who’s done having more but is established in her career and her life. Me who is right in between with both old and young kids and A young couple (Joel’s age lol) who is just starting their family with one toddler and the possibility of expansion. That’s the couple that sold their home and will moving soon. We love them and can’t really picture the neighborhood with out them but we’ll have to. I’m sure we’ll keep in touch after all as big as this town is, it isn’t that big. Plus who doesn’t want neighbors that are amazing cooks. Tracy makes bake goods that should be sold at only the finest bakeries on the planet, Ashley’s Ice cream cookie cake and salads are so amazingly delicious. The irony is the three of us seek the same thing. We all purchased our homes to be downtown and reap the rewards of being young and childless. Well I wasn’t childless but James was older. We saw potential for equity in these old homes with the highly coveted lots in the middle of the city. However, now with our stages of life, all different, again we seek the same thing… great schools, acreage, bigger homes and less maintenance. The city as great for walking and eating as it is… is no longer for us we want to be further out in the peaceful suburbs. It is truly bitter sweet. I however suspect we will once again find our way to being neighbors… after all we are all looking for the same exact things. Life is funny that way I mean how ironic is it that Toby and Joel are born on the same day, on the same year and maybe even the same time and have the similar hobbies or that Tracy, Ashley and I all share our love for things natural. But this was just our Friday….

Saturday was just as action packed. First, yes I was late to my own party lol. We had James’s Eagle Ceremony. Although James finished his work 2 years ago and officially completed his board of Review in April, we still had to have the ceremony. Well we didn’t have to but it is STRONGLY encouraged. In fact it’s pretty rare not to. The whole point was to not only honor James but have an example or goal for the other boys to achieve. The first Eagle of our troop Connor who is now away at MIT made it down for the ceremony, so it was a nice surprise for him to put the scarf on James as a passing of the torch. I ran around all morning to get ready for this which felt like most of my decade plus in scouting. Always crazy always hectic and usually last minute. I was thankful (and surprised) my make up made it 14 hours flawlessly with all the sweating involved. However as the last event it was bitter sweet. That’s entire chapter of my life and most of James’s life that I’m closing the door on. The door isn’t locked because eventually it’ll be Archer’s turn but for now it’s closed. I do hold onto the Advancement Chairperson rank which doesn’t require much since our troop is so small but I was a little sad to be done with James. It was our thing and it’s over. My brother for the first time since Archer was born joined us for the occasion with my parents. It’s sad because they weren’t here long and the kids adore him. It’s even sadder knowing I don’t have many of these moments left with him before he moves over seas. I enjoyed my time but again totally torn.

Then there was Sunday… The kids went to their baby cousin’s baptism. It was awesome. So many cousins and 2nd cousins and 3rd cousins and 4th cousins. They had so much fun that getting them to leave was hard. They rode scooters and got adults to take them on wagon rides around the neighborhood. They played with everyone. It was a great time. When we move, we’ll miss them and the idea of family play like that. It was the first time in years they got to play with that many cousins in one spot. Realistically it’ll be years before it happens again, even longer if we go through with our plans to leave the state.

As bitter sweet as everything was this weekend the lesson here is that we need to live in the here and now. The moment is now and regardless of what the future holds for us I know that these memories are worth making now and not wondering what’s next. We’ll get to the what’s next later but for tonight I’ll live for today.


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