All that is Crazy

These days seem to get crazier and crazier as we approach the end of the school year and summer. We have recitals, birthdays, visitors, James skipping school, product launches, back in stocks, pampered chef orders arrived, diets, new classes starting, school ending, camps, trips and so much I can’t even continue and finish this blog tonight. Laila has her recital this weekend. So of course her rehearsal is tomorrow night. The entire and I mean entire immediate family is coming to her show on Sunday. On Saturday James is volunteering with my dad at Gettysburg helping restore the historic site (they do it every year). Joel will ditch me to go to a meet. I’ll need to hit the farmers market(s) Saturday too. I have to distribute those tickets at some point this weekend. I also need to distribute my last PC order that came in to the people who purchased. My family is staying with us. Joel’s brother’s birthday is this weekend. So somewhere in this madness we have to find time for him. And that’s just the next 3 days.

Today and yesterday I had product launches and I needed to balance Archer’s progress sessions with James’s physical therapy sessions to make sure I worked around my launches. It’s been bat shit crazy. James is missing school tomorrow because it’s graduation day so the under class-men are allowed to leave school early with permission. HOWEVER, since they are watching a series James has already watched (lost) in English and in AP history they will be watching the history of gladiators tomorrow it’s safe for him to miss the day. I’m have a class once a week to help better develop myself as a human being. It’s called Jack Jacobs Mastermind ( It’s awesome but it has homework sometimes and honestly I need the homework to keep me grounded with all this crazy.

I’m just about 20lbs down. Even my cheat days stay in my calorie range. My neighbor has made these amazing desserts lately and you know what….. I work them into my diet because they are amazing and what’s the point of living if I can’t eat what I want. I’ve learned great self control. Which is greatly helping with Laila’s constant determination to never use a potty…. or poop. (That poop issue is serious like suppository serious)… I don’t even want to talk about that I’ll get aggravated. Laila can’t go to Princess camp, that is non refundable paid for unless she is potty trained, and don’t get me started about Pre-school in the fall.
We also took away all bottles and sippy cups today… I may not survive this weekend.

James is planning a road trip with his buddy in NY…. the kid is 17 with a new license. Do I even need to explain my hesitation? At least his parents feel the way I do about this. He’s also planning his NY trip and his summer away. Because come August 1 his ass is back in football getting ready for the new season. Biggest issue we’re having honestly is he’s no longer big enough to be a lineman… he has thinned out a lot and it maybe time to look into skill positions but he’s hesitant because he only knows lineman positions. Speaking of trips… so someone this morning planted the seed in my brain to head out to Disney for a weekend to do the whole Avatar thing… and now that’s in my head. Not to mention we’ll be on the other side of the bay bridge in 2 weeks so I’m thinking of making it a ocean city beach weekend kinda thing.

I don’t know… we’ll see but for now at least I scheduled my family picture before my brother decides to move his ass to Australia.


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