Spread yourself thin

Tonight or Last night or the other night depending on when you are reading this… I went to a high school sports meeting. Technically it’s our 3rd time, except we’ve skipped the first two years lol. This is the kick off meeting where new incoming parents get to get info and learn some basics before the mandatory meeting right before sports start. This is also booster club recruiting. I have successfully avoided the booster club for 2 years but have been super actively involved in the Touchdown club. However, with James picking up wrestling this year it makes sense to be part of the over all team. I walked into the meeting and walked out a board member.

Now I know you guys are like “Seriously Sarah wtf” I know I know crazy right? I just finished my 11 year stint as the Advancement Chairperson in the BSA for various Troops or Packs, technically I’m still AC BUT James is done sooooo yea that’s like a Massive difference!!! Between Laila’s dance, btw her recital was amazing!!!!, and Archer starting sports in fall too and both babies at the dance school and Laila starting pre school and Limelight… omg can we talk about how swamped I am with Limelight. I’m neck deep and loving it, every single day the people who have tried my products are ordering more and we go through everything to make sure it’s perfect for them like 50% of my day is literally helping others. Seriously it’s freaking nuts even in the meeting I was doing limelight stuff until 10pm. Anyway, with all that I’m adding this too.

Now let me explain why it’s not a bad thing to spread yourself thin. Not too thin that you are barely keeping your head above water but just thin enough that you are productive in each of your ventures. The reality is we don’t want to be sitting doing nothing, or at least I don’t. My kids are growing up and I only have right now to have these moments. At the same time I want to set an example for my kids that even though I am at home with them, I am working every day and I am successful and I still have time to make sure I’m actively part of their lives.

As much as I “embarrass” James, he tells me all the time he’s thankful I’ve never missed anything. When he goes off to college and moves on with his life he’ll know that I was always there and still had a business and he will then turn around in turn use that as an example to be a great father (in the FAR future) and he will be a successful business man and he will be well rounded and the kids will have the same. I worked for years outside of the home and it was hard to have that balance but I am blessed enough that I can have that balance between limelight, director of domestic affairs, advancement chairperson, cookie mom, taxi mom, and now booster club board of directors. All my kids are sports kids and honestly it makes sense that I be part of building a lasting organization for their futures.

No bullshit, James is done with BSA and I needed something for him to replace it since I try to balance my involvement with each of these demons I created lol. I’m still part of BSA but since he’s not there the involvement is different. Seriously though make sure that you don’t spread yourself too thin but make sure you are present in your children’s lives and volunteer even if you miss a day of work to read a book during story time or if you donate food for their games or whatever, just be present. They will take those memories with them their entire lives of how involved you were and how working you were and they will become better humans using you as an example. Some of my best memories was when my parents sacrificed their time to join me in my sport or my show. Have a great night folks, go make memories.


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