The bell of change

On Thursday (6/22/17) if you watched my live, mid demonstration of Liquid Sunshine (or as I call it Sun kissed Goddess) I got emotional.  Yesterday was our neighbor’s last day in the house.  It was bitter sweet.  I’m blessed enough that I can work from anywhere, so I was able to shop and cook for a lovely dinner for all of us.  My other neighbor baked the most amazing desserts.  Our kids played outside and had a blast.  It was awesome.

In the same breath it was sad because I won’t look out and see their daughter pushing her cart or just have random conversations about any and everything while mowing the lawn.  We have had the pleasure of seeing their daughter grow from a new born to this almost 2 year old independent animal loving toddler.  However, It was also time.

The bell of change has rung.  We knew this day would come.  Secretly (or not so secretly) we want to end up in the same neighborhood again and be neighbors.  We all want the exact same thing for our families regardless of our place in life and my neighbors were lucky enough to find the perfect house in the perfect area with the perfect school district.  The same school district we are also looking at and the same one my other neighbor likes too.

They made the first move.  My other neighbor will make her own changes and we are planning our own.  It’s a domino effect.  We each moved here at different times in different stages of our lives and even though now we are still in slightly different stages we are closer together than ever.  We’ve bonded and even with our bond the sound of change doesn’t seem to be so bad.

We all aspire to evolve… that sometimes includes our homes.  It’s time.  I’m happy for them and I will see them next week.  We all are happy for them and honestly, we needed one of our neighbors to start the domino so we could get our ish together for that bigger house with the acres in a great school district.

We’ll be right behind you, who knows where we’ll end up but the bell of change has rung and we are riding the sound wave.

On a side note… I need to come up with a pretty awesome house warming gift lol


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