Percocet Dreams

By now if you are on my facebook page you know my surgery is over and I’m slowly recovering.  A few minutes ago in a conscious state but with my eyes closed for the first time in 2 days I had a “dream”.  I closed my eyes in my room that wasn’t dark but wasn’t bright because I drift in and out of consciousness as mechanism to deal with the pain not necessarily as a reaction to the meds.  As I closed my eyes a woman appeared at the end of my bed.  She was what I assume to be a Native American medicine woman she had table and herbs, she had a long staff with 2 possibly 3 feathers on it and some beads.  To her left was African warriors to her right other Native warriors from a different area.  They stood there quietly as she worked in their traditional garments (or lack there of) with their bodies beautifully painted.

She didn’t look up at me.  She chanted but I could not hear, there was smoke and work being done but I couldn’t hear her.  No one said a word.  Suddenly I’m swiftly moving backwards in my bed into nature into different landscapes and tribes only to return back to her as if I never left.  The entire time I am awake, my eyes closed but I am awake and focused on what’s going on.  I know I’m not asleep, I know she is an illusion of my mind but her presences catches me off guard.

I was not watching TV, nor had I seen anything other than tree house builders and chip and joanna gains aside from cartoons in the last few months.  I had never seen her before a thick woman with long black sleek hair but a perfectly shaped face with beautiful skin tone similar to my mom’s tone and rosy cheeks like mine.  She could have been a darker sister of mine.  She was wearing traditional Native American skins.  She was not elderly, her skincare must have been amazing.  It was Ironic she was near my limelight stuff.

If you’ve heard about my ancestry I only have 1 percent Native American and 1 percent African.  I doubt these were relatives but I’m spiritual so you never know.  My mom thinks she was here to tell me to embrace the healing and maybe she’s right but for now I just think it’s cool that when my eyes shut and I begin to drift that I find my self in places of peace.


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