Things you discover after the fact

This article has graphic content.  We all know the reasons we go into surgeries but there are almost always things we didn’t know that occur or they find during the surgery.  The little details that make us say “wow wtf”  or “omg really”.  Yea my surgery is no different.  Now that I’m more coherent, still pretty medicated though, I’m able to understand some of the things the dr. was explaining to me, some of the things I heard during the nurses change overs and some of the pictures Joel got to see of my “junk”.  These details explain a good amount of my adult life and would have been great to know years ago.

So let’s start with pictures.  The picture below is similar to what Joel saw but is from google since I don’t have my pics from my surgery yet. (These are pictures of a normal Uterus)

so These are the most similar to what Joel was shown.  I have known since pregnancy that my Uterus was positioned slightly farther back which made for very easy pregnancies and the lack of being able to feel bad contractions.  I mostly had back pain but since I’ve had back pain my whole life a little heat always helped that.   In the picture below you can see different shapes,  I would be considered Retrocessed  possibly Retroverted but I don’t have a clear distinction on that yet.  It doesn’t affect the anatomy of the Uterus and won’t cause fertility issues.  One in six women have retroverted (tilted) uterus positions.


During my debriefing about how wonderful everything went.  I was told the only “new” thing they found was that my uterus was shaped differently.  Like it was round instead of a pear.  Now it shouldn’t affect fertility except…….. when I was listening to shift change and they said I had fibroids removed.  Didn’t even know I had them honestly.  We had removed Stage 0 Cancer cells in February and we knew I had endometriosis which they said looks like they removed all of it with the removal of the uterus.  But Fibroids????


Now 1 in 5 women will get and have fibroids.  They are pretty much benign tumors.  They can make you look pregnant and based on placement can cause fertility issues.  This is something all women should be aware of.  They suck and can mess with your periods and be painful or they can do nothing and you won’t have a clue.  However, looking back my dr. must have known because the word Myomectomy was on my paperwork.

The moral of the story here is, as women it is important to get the details about our bodies especially if you had miscarriages and/ or struggled with fertility.  You can’t go back and change anything but it’s good to have answers and it’s good to know for the future if it happens to your kids or your friends you’ll have enough knowledge to let them know what happened to you etc…




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