Holy Recovery

Remember we do transparency.  Well lets talk about this, we are in week 2… Kids are the devil!  Will you be mobile?  Yes.  Will you have pain… yes.  Will you still have an issue going potty?  Yup… if you take your pain meds and there’s a good chance if you have small children with no perception of personal space and strength then you’ll need your pain meds and more.  Will you need them if you over do it like I do?  Oh yea….

As the dermo glue stuff comes off your incisions will hurt.  They won’t open but they will hurt.  They will hurt with touch, they will hurt with certain movements.  Can you exercise?  NO.  Walking is it.  Walking helps you heal but don’t be a Sarah and over do it.  You will have aches… are they agonizing… Nope.  What hurts is when you get hit, now that is pain med worthy.  Over use of muscles will cause a need for relief.

Kids are the devil with surgery recovery!!!!!!!  However, if you can survive them you can survive the apocalypse.  There are certain things you can’t do for a specific number of weeks because of the internal stitches and it’ll take a toll on your marriage.  Not for me I don’t care but normal people.  My poor husband is screwed lmfao.

So later today I have a physical check up to see if I’ve popped those stitches running after these crazy children I have.  However, I did get a call today while I was writing this.  I made the right decision to remove my junk.  They found a shit ton of endometriosis.  They did not find anymore cancer but found cells that were starting to change.  So I don’t have to worry about that spreading out since my lady parts are now in a lab and not in my body.

Good news.  I feel like this blog has turned into my uterus blog but we’ll go back to our regular schedule random topics… promise!!!


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