2 toddlers plus 3 = craziness

It’s no secret that I do and have watched my friend’s and families kids when in a pinch, as long as my schedule doesn’t contradict it.  Sport seasons are usually the only conflicts, perks of being a business owner.  Today was the first time in a long time I had 4… then 5 kids while actually out of the house.  Now before you tell me how crazy I am for taking 4 & 5 kids under 8 out all at the same time… let me just say it wasn’t as bad as you’d imagine.  It was actually pretty alright.  Minus Archer getting tired and turning into a classic A hole and Child J having to be told to focus like 3 times.  If you think about it … an 8 year old, twin 5 year olds, a 3 year old and a 2 year old would be suicide but it wasn’t.  It was pleasant.  I’m not new to hanging out with this gang usually we do it for an hour or so around the house but today… we were out!!!

James opted to sleep in literally until 2pm.  Insert emoji here that makes that “really -_- ” face.  So he was no help.  Child L is the oldest of the bunch and she was an amazing help today.  When I needed an extra hand to help holding hands crossing the street she was there.  She took her siblings to the potty because I’m terrified of letting kids go to the restroom alone so I force a buddy system and Child J is a boy so that was a little awkward at lunch for him but he’s so quick it was no big deal.  In the mall we all would just go to the family bathroom and take turns so that everyone was safely in one area.  I know I know I’m over protective but hey there are lots of creeps in the world.

We first had a small snack, then hit the Mall.  We went straight to the play area for about an hour before hitting the bounce house.  We were the only ones that early in the bounce house so it was awesome.  The kids had full reign of the entire place and I was free to answer my clients and get some work done while everyone safely played.  It’s one of my favorite places to take the kids because it’s safe, closed in and because I have flexibility to work I can make money while we all play.  about 3 minutes before our time was up other people came there and the kids were ready to go get Child H from camp.

This is where we go from 4 to 5.  The transition was smooth, we hung out for a few minutes for the rush to leave so we could safely cross the street and we headed over to lunch.  the lunch of choice was McDonalds… so 5 Happy meals later, 3 extra fries, and extra burger, 12 cookies, and extra apple juices later the kids were full and ready for a rest.  Lunch was about an hour and a half.   If you ask me that’s perfect.  5 tired, full kids listening and agreeing… yup I’ll take that any day of the week.  Yes I brought lunch home for lazy James too.

The kids came back to the house, all sat on the couch with their happy meal toys and even though it felt like seconds but was much longer…. it was time to go.  Mama was at the door picking up her trio.  Laila and Archer grabbed the tablets and up to bed they went.  Joel came home slightly after and is heading off to his tattoo appointment and me?  Well I’ve got a product launch tomorrow, and I had surprise products come back in stock today.  Life is crazy when business is good and life is definitely crazy right now…. Realistically, I’ll be sitting here listening to trainings, maybe posting something, answering questions with my feet up watching HGTV or DIY (right now it’s HGTV) lol and just relaxing with a coffee.

Life is what you make it, I’m making mine amazing!!!  Big things are on the horizon… stay tune we’ll talk about them soon.


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