Schedule switches

Football season has started and lets say Varsity is way crazier than JV every was.  James is at practice from 3-8 every single day, weekends the time changes but they are still there.  The season actually kicks off before school starts which I think is crazy but that’s mom life right?  Laila and Archer are starting Lacrosse, Archer is doing Tball and Laila is doing dance.  Both kids also are signed up for some cooking classes.  I’m trying to figure out where Piano will fit in this.  Actually I’m trying to figure out how sanity fits in.

Needless to say it’s difficult for Joel to be there for everything because of work and running a business on my end well lets just say thank god I can work from anywhere.  These schedule additions and changes are rough on the pre programmed body honestly.  I still have my responsibilities as a team player, leader, coach and partner with Limelight as well as my home responsibilities of the keeper of the home or as I refer to it…. Director of Domestic Affairs.

I make time, I don’t have it, I can’t find it but I make it.  So this blog entry is less about how and more of an inquiry into what others do honestly.  There is a lot of planning that is involved in all these activities a little extra planning let me run things smoothly…. I hate planning but I’m damn good at it lol.  What do you do?


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