WTF is Anxiety?

I don’t know .  I can tell you it comes in many different forms.  It comes in butterflies in the chest, it comes in the form of a mock heart attack, it can be breathing problems.  So when I helped my friends through their episodes I can easily do it but never in a million years thought I would have it.  Why?  because I don’t care about most things, I don’t worry about things I can’t control, I don’t worry about money or my sales, I don’t have nervousness.  I don’t like clutter or mess that’s true and that will stress me out but I’ll just leave and make someone clean it up.   Lately I’ve had this weird chest thing going on sometimes it’s pain all the time it’s butterflies but it is unwavering and consistent day in and day out all day with out more than a few minutes break.  I thought in the beginning that something was off but I never figured it out.  It doesn’t matter where I am or what I’m doing it is present.  There is no meditation or relaxation to calm it, none of the meds work but it also it is just a pain or just a flutter nothing else.

What is causing it?  I have no clue.  What can help it?  Also, no clue.  So how did I come to the conclusion I’m having an anxiety attack you  may ask?  Well…. you guessed it Limelight.  lol yup I know this is where you are like “WTF are you talking about?”  Part of being in Limelight is support, it is a 360 degree lifestyle.  We are more than business partners we are sisters and brothers and my upline Erica invited me to a live from one of my fellow limelight girls and this was part of her topic.  Had she not talked about the flutter I would have never known this is what it is.

Limelight is more than a make up company… no seriously and I don’t mean it’s skincare too.  It’s a family business they key word is family.  The goal is to transform lives.  Now this article isn’t about the business but that’s how I found out what’s going on.  Before you ask me… No I will not go see the Dr. he is a jerk that is going to try to drug me and my favorite PA has moved to New Orleans and favorite Dr. is now only with the VA.  It’s hard to find good doctors…. I see minute clinic in emergencies and if I need meds for a cold but that’s about it.

Below I’ve posted a link with 12 signs of an anxiety issue… none of which I have but just because you don’t fit the typical signs doesn’t mean you don’t have the problem.  I’ve also posted the definition of anxiety.  Most people don’t understand what it is.  In my case it’s literally a constant pain or feeling of butterflies literally dead center of my chest that often feels like there might be something stuck in your throat but it doesn’t really hurt you it’s just weird.  It feels like something is horribly off or as I explained the butter flies to Joel when it started a few weeks ago… It feels like if someone you love dearly dies… that feeling in your chest right before you burst out crying where you are filled with emotion…. that is what it feels like for me… except I have no emotions.,,20646990,00.html#self-doubt

The dictionary defines it as:

  1. a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease, typically about an imminent event or something with an uncertain outcome.
    “he felt a surge of anxiety”
    synonyms: worryconcernapprehension, apprehensiveness, uneasinessunease, fearfulness, feardisquietdisquietudeinquietudeperturbationagitationangstmisgivingnervousness, nerves, tension, tenseness; More

    • desire to do something, typically accompanied by unease.
      “the housekeeper’s eager anxiety to please”
      synonyms: eagernesskeennessdesire

      “an anxiety to please”
      a nervous disorder characterized by a state of excessive uneasiness and apprehension, typically with compulsive behavior or panic attacks.

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