About Me

This blog was created to pretty much share my creations… whatever those creations might be literary, culinary or genetic.

About the author (that would be me)


I’m a 30 something married mother of 3.  After 12 years of having only one child my husband and I tried for a second.. the third followed 12 months (literally 12 months 14 hours and 6 minutes) later.  So that means I’m a mother of a teenager, a toddler and a newborn… hence the lack of sanity.  I am a self taught cook that enjoys making pretty, filling, and possibly healthy meals.  I also enjoy taking millions and billions of pictures of my creations, both food and kids.

About me pre second child… I graduated from NJIT in Management w/ a concentration in Finance and Marketing (before that I was an Electrical Engineer for a few years).  Moved from NJ to PA after 21 years of living there. I went back to NJIT for my Masters in Industrial Engineering and my last semester switched to Healthcare Information Systems Management and started taking Nursing at ESU.  Halfway through my second BS I left, moved from PA to OH and completed my Nursing Home Administrators License.  My now husband figured if we were going to successfully do the family thing we should live in the same state soooo I moved to MD and became a stay at home or as I like to call it Director of Domestic Affairs.  In my previous life I worked in Finance for a fortune 500, Finance, Accounting, & Industrial Engineering for a Candy Manufacturing company, and as AIT in a Nursing home.  At some point I co-owned a cupcake company (well currently own)… and that’s where the foodporn or obsession with taking pictures of my creations started…. fast forward present day and here we are.


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