This blog post is different.  Well every post I have is different but this post is asking those who read it for tips.  It’s been 6 years if not longer since I’ve had to interview anyone for anything.   I’m sure make up lovers by now know that Limelight is on a hiring freeze for beauty guides.  Freezes don’t last forever and it’s time I get ready for the thaw.  They wanted to make sure every person they had accepted was well trained before those people go out and they want to make sure those people who buy into this business are people who genuinely want to be part of it.  I personally thought that was awesome.  Not sure what other direct sales companies do that.

I know you’re still confused about the interview thing.  So with pampered chef anyone can go to my site and sign up to be a independent consultant.  With Limelight you go through some prepping and some training and an interview.  There are almost daily live that give the ability to hop on and ask questions and learn or catch the replays.  There are so many resources in your green room and the facebook group support is phenomenal.  Not saying P.C. isn’t, there are some of those things too but not as much from corporate.  (I love P.C. it’s just different) .

So back to the question for help.  What is it you, the readers that conduct interviews, look for or ask?  How do you express your love for your business with out sounding like a marketer?  Because look I love what I’m doing, I love what I’m making,, I love helping people but if you think I’m trying to recruit you then you’ve missed my message.  So how do you tell a potential partner (because although I’m interviewing I’m not their boss I’m just the person that will help them and coach them to be successful, they are their own boss).  What kind of questions do you ask to make sure these potential people are genuinely interest and understand what this business is about?

You don’t need experience but you need to have a drive.  How do you interview or define drive?  Put your suggestions in the comments either page comment or on the facebook posts???  Serious post, I totally feel green about this and I know Limelight will have answers for me but I want to know what my friends do.

Knowledge is the key to everything!

Never stop learning

Learning is one of those things that we never really stop doing.  There are many different types of learning.  We can go to school and learn, we can self teach, we can watch and learn etc.  I’ve pride myself on continuously learning something about everything.  It usually doesn’t take much effort.  Except with my new ventures I find myself in new territory.  Cooking and kitchen I know and I know well but make up and skincare that’s different.  This post is not business specific by the way.    So with one of my businesses I’ve been given homework.  For the first time in my life I’m back in class.  I won a contest for selling a specific number and my prize was a course with Jack Jacobs, he teaches a Mastermind course.  It’s mind blowing.  Seriously, if you are in direct sales or anything that requires marketing he is well worth the cost.

So my first class was last night and my first one on one was last night and do you know what I did after?  I ordered my books and took my sick ass to bed.  But this morning I woke up and played my video for homework.  I wrote up my homework and started to implement my lesson.  It looked so overwhelming on paper.  It wasn’t, what it is… it’s enlightening.

This blog post is short but my point is whatever it is your are doing…. continue learning.  Be that expert, get that extra degree, take that course!  Continue to grow continue to learn!!!  Don’t forget sharing knowledge and collaborating are all parts of success!!!!


The very first blog post I made was back on March 20, 2015.  It was the first real blog post.  I had 2 posts before it that were just pictures of food practically.  It was the first Eid since my grandmother had passed.  If you scroll down you can read it.  It’s called  SOFREH – HOW TO DO YOUR FIRST (LAST MINUTE) SOFREH- EID NOROOZ MOBARAK.  In that article I outline the details of what Norooz is (also spelled Nowruz, Noruz?) and what each item means.  I’ll copy and paste some of that here.  Last year I grew sprouts but didn’t set up the table.  This year my egg is fake because I don’t need fertility lol.  My Uncle in Iran sent me a Norooz set after my first attempt at Norooz.  I’ve waited almost 2 years to use it.  The progression of my Norooz from first to “2nd” is a huge difference and next year I’ll incorporate fire jumping (usually done on the last Wednesday before the new year).  Norooz parties are some the biggest and best memories of my child hood (aside from Disney).

Tonight I’ll make a Salmon (or change my mind to kabob), Maybe another persian dish, Jasmine Rice with Tadeek, maybe mast-o-khiar.  Considering making a kookoo — also spelled kookoo-ye, kuku, or kou-kou — is a Persian-style egg dish that is similar to an Italian frittata or an open-faced omelet. Iranians make many, many different types with a variety of flavorings. The kookoo sabzi, flavored with a variety of herbs and tinted a deep green.

This Norooz has hit me a little differently.  It was important for me to find all of the ingredients and to get traditional Persian sweets.  Since I had gotten Sohan asali (honey almonds), cooked with honey and saffron and garnished with pistachios, while mom was here I skipped it this time.  I got Baklava, raisin cookies, and most importantly for me the zoolbia Bamieh.  Zoolbia Bamieh similar to funnel cake except deep fried dough soaked in a Rose water Saffron sugar syrup.   My grandma use to make it for me.  When I saw it at Yekta the persian Market, I was sold.  Actually, my grandma made me everything I named above.  There was nothing that she didn’t make.  I wish I had taken more time to learn how to cook instead of just learn how to eat.  As I learn the recipes and run them by my mom to tweek to the way Mamajoon made them, I realize that it is important for me to teach all 3 kids.  It’s a little late on the language for James (hello Rosetta) but Laila and Archer will start Persian school as soon as they are old enough.  My grandmother tried very hard to instill our culture in me and my brother.  I just wasn’t ready when she was showing me.  My mom doesn’t celebrate, it was my grandma’s thing and now it’ll me my thing and maybe your thing too?  I share it with all of you as my journey to learn and grow continues.  At 06:28:40 AM on March 20, 2017 it will officially be Norooz.

Norooz 2015

Norooz 2017

Explanation from previous post with a few additions:

A Sofreh Eid is a table that is set up in celebration of Norooz (Noruz, Nowruz, Nurooz, etc- however you  want to spell it).  Norooz is the Persian New Year.  It literally means New Day.  It coincides with the Spring Equinox and is typically done with families around this beautiful set up at the exact moment of the Spring Equinox to celebrate the transition from winter into spring and the creation of new life that moment represents.  There are also big parties, lots of food, and jumping over fire as part of this amazing celebration.  It also means the Elders (that would mean older than me people) give family members presents Eidee, which is small monetary gifts (that means money).

Haft Seen (7 S’s)  This means the sofreh must contain at least 7 items that begin with the letter S in Farsi.

Main items:

1. Sabzeh (sprouts): symbolizes rebirth

2. Somagh (sumac): symbolizes the color of the sunrise

3. Sib (apple): symbolizes health and beauty

4. Serkeh (vinegar): symbolizes age and patients [and of course I use balsamic vinegar]

5. Sir (garlic): symbolizes medicine

6. Senjed (dried fruit from the lotus tree): symbolizes love

7. Samanoo (sweet pudding): symbolizes affluence [This is incredibly hard to make]

Other S’s & typical  items

Sekkeh (coins): Symbolizes wealth and prosperity

Sham (candle): symbolizes enlightenment

Shirini (sweets): Symbolizes spreading sweetness

Sonbol (hyacinth flower) a spring flower

Mahi (fish- specifically gold fish): symbolizes life [I have 2 giant tanks… I wasn’t moving them to the little table]

Tokhmeh Morgh (egg): symbolizes fertility

Ayenen (mirror): symbolizes the images and reflections of creation as we celebrate the new [Persian tradition believes that creation took place on the first day of spring]

Rose water: symbolizes cleansing

A bowl of water: symbolizes purity & freshness

Bread: symbolizes the traditional life sustainer

Orange floating in water: symbolizes the earth floating in space

Meeveh: fruit (totally forgot why but there is fruit at everything sooo)

A Holy Book or Poetry: (This can be for whatever religion you  celebrate)


At the exact moment of Norooz the egg on the mirror is suppose to move.

Easy Peazy

Anyone who has ever embarked on a new journey thinking it was easy was mistaken.  Nothing in life worth having has come easy to anyone.  I don’t want you to think these blogs are all about product pushes.  The reality is my blog is about food, my kids and my lack of sanity which my careers contribute to. This specific article is to explain a few misconceptions about direct sales.

It’s no secret that I like food or that I enjoy cooking.  I hate cleaning so naturally Pampered Chef would be a good fit. Right??  It also shouldn’t be a secret to anyone who actually saw my posts that I supported and promoted Limelight be Alcone… way before ever joining their team.  Marilyn Monroe wore their lipstick… true story.  Both of these businesses are direct sales.  There is no commission for not selling, there is no base pay.  Your income is solely based on your ability to sell with that said.  There are some out going costs.  These two businesses are better than some of the others with ridiculously high start ups.  Being a sales person is very difficult and not for everyone.  Including me.

Now this doesn’t mean I’m not still the pampered chef lady or the limelight by Alcone lady what it means is that I’m not now or probably ever going to be a sales person.  What I am is a consumer who enjoys the products and saw an opportunity to share them with others.  I’m not the girl pushing parties.  I don’t care if you have them.  I just want to give you an opportunity to get things cheaper or free.  I see value in helping others save money.  I see value in saying hey if you make a registry you can get things for free for your wedding, anniversary etc… I’m not the lady pushing you to do anything.  I am going to show you why I’m part of the team I am.  I will show things I love and I will answer questions about products.

My goal is to help people.  With all that said.  Please understand that the people who do these businesses spend a lot of their own money advertising, getting samples, kits, products etc… there is a ton of training involved in these businesses and conferences, groups to train others, logistics of orders and making sure clients are happy.  I don’t mean me… I mean all people in direct sales.  We all work very hard to ensure we are doing what we are doing right.  We spend hours upon hours even as part time workers.  So please understand these are full time customer service jobs and they aren’t difficult per-say but they are time consuming and do require much of our energy and attention and each and every one of us appreciates when you lend us a helping hand by sharing a post or telling a friend.  The reality is we rely on our friends and hope our friends support us.  Even if the products don’t work for you they may work for your friends.

So help a friend, share a post, or buy local and direct sales.  We work hard and we appreciate you all and I’m sorry we can’t be the walmart price but honestly our stuff is backed by amazing companies and warranties and have better quality products.  In my case Warren Buffet owns pampered chef and Alcone has been the make up & face care to the stars/ hollywood for decades.

Out of the comfort zone

By now most of you know I sell pampered chef (  Although direct Sales are not my kind of thing food is, cooking is, and use of quality products for those two things just comes natural.  So of course that’s a perfect fit but this article is not about that business but about my new one.

Over the last 4-5 months I have been watching a Lady named Erica who I met at a vendor event where I was the Pampered Chef lady.  Her energy was intoxicating and her Aura called to me.  Ever since I met her I’ve been her biggest supporter.  In January she moved to a new company after testing the products on her face.  She had suffered skin cancer burns and was self conscious.  I just didn’t take care of my skin and although on most days I look homeless and I’m okay with that nobody wants to look 50 years older than they are.  Seriously, most of my friends are shocked and I mean that literally to find out I’m 32 and not almost 40.  Part of that is due to my personality but part is my face too.  So I secretly ordered her recommendation and started using.  Then I asked for samples of other stuff that caught my eye and then another order and another…. well you get the point.  After a few orders and a makeover at her house she asked me why I didn’t join her team.  I gave Erica a bullshit answer (which I’m sure she knew was crap) that I was just trying to see if I was any good at this sales thing.  Which by the way I am not but that’s kind of not the point.  I’m not a sales person but if I like a product I support it and I back it with my own personal experience.  She knows that, I just had to figure that out.  It’s what I use to drive my PC business and now it’ll be what I use to drive my Limelight by Alcone business.  I hope you guys will support me in this as you have been supportive of my Pampered Chef business.  I wouldn’t sell something I didn’t believe in, that’s not worth my time.  I don’t work because I need to I do it because I want to share things I love.

This is the first time I’m placing my link out there so I hope you welcome me and check out our products:

My fb business page is:  Sarah Fritz-Maldonado’s Limelight by Alcone

Avocado is Pain

Many years ago I was making guacamole with my friend Paula.  I had never really had it that often or Avocado but it was a new thing for me so we were on this kick.  Once I took a bite almost immediately I started to get a pain in my stomach.  Like where my actual stomach is.  Not a stabbing, but an ache.  It sucked.  I kept eating because it was delicious thinking it was the seasoning powder.  Next time we made it from scratch and the same thing happened.  The next time it was just Avocado with salt and lemon and guess what?  It still began to hurt.  So after talking to a Pharmacist I worked with I took a Benadryl.  Guess what?  It worked.  Pain went away.  As a test to see if it was my gallbladder (Pharm’s recommendation) I ate bacon and no reaction.

I stayed away from Avocado for a few years and everything was fine.  One day I decided to have a bite.  No pain.  Does that mean whatever the issue was is gone?  Maybe.  I continued to enjoy my squishy green treat for a year or so before the pain returned.  The onset was quicker and lasted longer but my trusty Benadryl always did the trick so I could enjoy my little treat.  Eventually the pain stopped coming so I thought I was clear.  I was in heaven for at least a year or two again.  Able to eat Sushi with out wondering what’s in it etc…

Until last week.  Last week I went to the sushi buffet with out a problem, I had salads with Avocado on them with out an issue.  On Friday, 3/3/17, my mom cut a piece of Avocado and put it on a plate.  One tiny bite and my throat swelled up and my chest got tight and my stomach hurt.  The only time I have ever had my chest get tight was after I bit a date, and after a mini bee stung me in Florida (it was my first sting ever).  Two Benadryl and twelve hours later I was still in pain but still able to breath and before you ask no I did not go to the hospital or the doctor for that cause they would have practically given me the same meds for 10 grand more than cvs did.  I guess my allergy if I can even call it that has progressed.  One small tiny bite is all it took and 2 days before that I had been eating it free and clear.

I literally thought it was the worst pain I had ever felt.  Until 3 hours ago.  We had dinner at Fridays (which I actually hate but I tolerate their endless apps).  The waitress was amazing and so attentive.  James was asking her random questions like “In a fight would a Kangaroo or Moose win” or “Does Mike Wisowski blink or wink”.  The kids stayed quiet with tablets because I had mentally checked out for the day.  All was grand.  I ate fried pickles (which I love), stole a mozzarella stick from James’s plate, had pot stickers and tasted Laila’s Cesar? salad.  There is a question mark by Cesar because I don’t think that’s what it was.  Right after that my stomach turns, even the smell of Laila’s chicken tenders that she spit out is not helping.  So we leave.  I get home and I literally have the worst pain of my life.  I cramp and not just any cramp.  Anyone who has ever gone through labor naturally knows that the contractions at the very end like seconds before the baby passes the ring of fire are the absolute worst, with terrible pressure on your rectum.  It was exactly like that (no I didn’t have to poop).  The cramp didn’t let up either it lasted  15 minutes straight at least before I could move enough to get a prescription pain pill and the hottest temperature my skin could endure onto my back.  It finally let up.

I spent most of my post op not taking my pain meds because I needed to be functional and for me to need them at this point a week and a half post off was ridiculous but it happened.  Now (if I ever get around to being good at self care)  I will need to have an allergy test done not just for normal allergens (I did that test back in 09) but for Avocado, Bee stings, and Dates… 3 things that my body has reacted crazy towards in the last decade because if something as simple as 1 bite, or even just licking it salad dressing off my finger that may or may not contain or have come in contact with the allergen.

I don’t mind not eating dates or getting stung by bees even though most healthy candy like food has dates somewhere in it.  Is this the end of avocado for me?  Not unless I’ll need an Epi pen, then yes because I don’t want to bother with those things.  If I can treat it with a pill and still eat it great if not well…. This is going to suck because I have a million recipes I love that include Avocado.

Side note James got his Cast off today and is now in a boot and will be starting Therapy soon.  He is dying to get back to the gym and build up his muscle mass.

Make over

I’ve been feeling kind of crappy and was feeling like I needed a pick me up.  There is no secret I support Local Business and especially my friends businesses.  From ordering girl scout cookies a few states away to getting facial products.  I have friends who sell Pure Romance, Sentsy, Thirty-One, Herbalife, It works (like 1/2 my friends list sells this literally), Lip Sense, Limelight, Custom Socks, some friends that are Authors and people who know people who sell Lularue and jamberry.  I’m not into the whole make up scene.  Never have been.  I became a Mac whore back in college with Jenn but I was still just an amateur make up person.  A friend of mine sold Rodan and Fields and I started using that took keep my skin healthy but eventually if you use anything enough it doesn’t really work and honestly it’s an expensive habit but it worked.  Then I met this Younique lady… and something in my heart sparked.  I wanted to support her but again I’m not that into make up.  I watched her videos for like 4/5 months straight.  She switched companies to Limelight by Alcone and I watched her skin transform.  I made an order to support her and I was hooked.  I canceled my Rodan and Fields orders and moved onto Limelight.  This article is about my experience with that switch and about how a simple change in look can affect your overall feeling about yourself.

Yesterday I did my first make over and test with the make up.  I was impressed.  I never wore make up because I always felt as if it made my skin look flaky (because it’s dry) or because it would rub off or because it would look sloppy at the end of the day and felt heavy.  Yesterday I felt none of those things.  My skin looked smooth, it looked even and it felt as if I had nothing but chapstick on my lips.  So much so that I rubbed my eyes at night and didn’t even realize I had make up on.  For someone who didn’t wear makeup I feel like this is huge.

I didn’t take any before pics but here’s my make up done and right before bed when I had taken it off.

I like the way the products feel and now I’m not talking just make up.  I use the mask of zen, skin therapist and Quench… then after testing Dream clean  and Lemon & Jojoba during a part of the month when my skin changes.  I was hooked on those too and order them.  The one drop wonder was amazing and I felt like my skin looked 10 years younger so I got that and Sotoks.  Not many people’s skin fluctuates like mine does and perhaps that’s the reason nothing really worked well for long.  But after some experimenting I found a balance that works and all of this was BEFORE I did the make over.

Now we’re on Make over day.  I discovered things like Renew body collection:  Bamboo Renew, cream of the crop and forty cure creme.  I haven’t tried them but they smelled awesome!!.  I learned that good make up application requires the proper tools like priming and finishing spray.  The right brushes matter.  concealer should be lighter and bronzer is a must.  I learned I can actually apply my own mascara without poking my self in the eye.  I learned that a liquid eyeliner pen is just as easy as a regular pen but applies smoother.  Lipstick is so much more than just a color these days.  I also learned you gotta play with colors and blend to get the perfect looks.  Most importantly I learned none of this is actually hard or even really time consuming.  The longest part of the application was our conversations.  I know this probably sounds like a sales pitch and in many ways it is because I’m sold but this is my experience.

These details matter because yesterday I was reminded that just because I don’t know how to do something or because I’m not confident in myself or my abilities doesn’t mean I can’t become that way.  A simple make over reminded me that we as women (and some men) need a “fresh face” sometimes to remind us we are in fact invincible and can do and over come anything.  I’m currently considering adding this to my portfolio not because I’m any good at it but because it’s out of my comfort zone and any product that makes me feel that great about myself should be something I promote.  It’s the reason I do pampered chef and maybe the reason I add Limelight.  The best sales people are those who truly believe in their products and I surely wouldn’t waste my time or effort if I didn’t believe in these.

To look at the items I referenced check out

Not all news is bad

Health can be a tricky topic for many people.  Somethings that sound awful are in fact blessings.  Since I got my Pathology report back this post will be an update on my health.  Last Friday, February 24, 2017 at 11 am ish I had parts of my cervix removed. I’ve been battling this since a teenager.  The process was usually simple.  Go for a pap, pap comes back abnormal, get a biopsy (also called a Colposcopy now) and then freeze the cells.  Test again next year.  Pictures of this part:

These are a definition of the cells:

cervix_exam  If you think of it as Normal being Quadrant 1, Cancer Quadrant 2, Low grade Quadrant 3 and High grade Quadrant 4.  I have been teetering on the boarder between 2 and 4 for a minimum of 6 years.

I have had many of these routine procedures done in office and they suck royally.  And I do mean many, like once a year many.  In 2011 I was instructed I was damn near out of time.  I was in Quadrant 4.  We were trying to have a baby because the Leep or Conization were the next steps from that point.  I got pregnant as soon as fertility worked.  Some of you remember how that turned out in June 2012.  Had I had either procedure my risk during pregnancy was greater and bed rest and stitches to hold the baby in would be necessary.  By the time I had mentally recovered from June I was being urged that I had one last shot to get pregnant and I couldn’t postpone the procedure any longer.  I was pregnant with Laila.  3 months later at the next visit after Laila was born I was pregnant with Archer.  I didn’t return after Archer’s birth in Nov. 2014 to the doctor.  I had a good pap while pregnant for the first time in almost 2 decades and thought I was clear.  Nope.

My friend Manara (whom I’m convinced is my moms cousin) literally yelled at me and stood in front of me like a pissed off older sister while I called to make my annual appointment.  I went and got my pap at the end of January 2017, was told everything looks smooth and 2 weeks later found out that was a lie.  The next steps were quick.  Surgical discussion appointment and surgery date.  I asked for a hysterectomy because of Endometriosis pains (not confirmed the pain is ridiculous) but was quickly denied after review of the cells.


If I had anything more that Stage 1T I would have to have radiation and would need my uterus in place to protect my bowels.  So Conization (which I’ve been calling colonization) was the immediate remedy.  We decided on a more aggressive approach in removing more area and scraping higher up the center to see how far it has spread.


That brings us to today.  I got my pathology report back.  I am not beyond Stage 1T and am clear for a Total Hysterectomy.


My pathology did have errors in the processing but we are confident that whatever information we did get is hopefully correct.  Either way in 5 more weeks I’ll go for a check up and then we’ll discuss the removal of everything except my ovaries.  No one wants to get their lady parts removed but realistically I’d rather remove them then be at risk for Cervical cancer (especially since we don’t know if we got it all) and it’ll cut out that whole ridiculous pain I get every month that I swear is 3/4 of the month.  For now I recover with the help of friends and family.  Cramping sucks, my pain management guy is my favorite person right now and the kids are trying to kill me but today I survived with a bit of my sanity and I have hope for my health.  Eventually, I’ll be mentally okay, I’m working through it.

If you are a close friend and are discovering all this just now.  Please understand that it’s been a quick  process and I literally have been concentrating on getting myself through it before I even discussed it with anyone.  I don’t want anyone to worry unnecessarily.  Cancer is scary and the word alone strikes fear into the hearts of people.  Today, I survived.  Tomorrow, I move on.



Back to business??

Another Monday is here.  Happy Monday Ya’ll!!! I’m getting back to the swing of things.  Most if not all of you didn’t know I had to have surgery this past Friday.  I don’t want today’s article to be a rant about those types of unfortunate events.  But I’m happy to report with the help of some well timed pain meds, my parents, and some great friends I’ll be back to Sarah hopefully before I pop a stitch doing something stupid.

Over the weekend, I’ve been trying to use this time to get myself together and get my pampered chef business back on track since I took a mental break for a bit to deal with the above referenced crap.  I’ve got new products I’m super excited about that hit the site March 1st.  I’m not excited because it’s my business but because I can’t wait until my indoor outdoor grill arrives.  I got all my other toys that’s the last one I’m expecting.

I’d like today’s blog entry to be a reminder to be dedicated.  Not just to your craft but to your self.  Take time to take care of your body.  We as a society concentrating on our pockets and we forget the bodies that need fuel and care to help line those pockets.  Get on your grind you’ll do great but first stop and have some tea a good breakfast and a spa day.

Happy Monday!!